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  • Find fabulous foods and crafts at Cape Town markets

    Cape Town is a vibrant city filled with interesting people who produce delicious foods and drinks and interesting crafts, which are available at a variety of Cape Town markets.

    Whether you sample the delights on offer at the markets, or take the spoils back to your self-catering apartment to enjoy, you will be in for a treat.

    City area

    V&A Food Market (V&A Waterfront)

    This is Cape Town’s only daily food market, conveniently located at the V&A Waterfront. It’s open seven days a week from 10am – 6pm. (Closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day.)

    Good Night Market at the Watershed (V&A Waterfront)

    A monthly evening market, which is held at The Watershed in the V&A Waterfront on the last Wednesday of the month, from 6pm-9pm.

    Erf 81 Food Market (Tamboerskloof)

    This weekly market held on Sundays from 10am – 2pm offers local, handmade, organic-as-possible and affordable-as-possible food and goods market.

    City Bowl Market (Gardens)

    This weekly food market is held on Thursday evenings, from 4.30pm-8.30pm, at 14 Hope Street, Gardens.

    Oranjezicht City Farm Market (City Bowl)

    Visit this weekly farmers market at Oranjezicht City Farm on Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. (Generally closed during the festive season.)

    Day before Thursday Market (Woodstock)

    For Wednesday night food and entertainment, don’t miss this market held at The Woodstock Foundry on Albert Road, in Woodstock, from 5pm-9pm.

    The Palms Market (Woodstock)

    A weekly indoor food market held on Saturdays from 9am-2pm.

    Neighbour Goods Market (Woodstock)

    Not to be missed weekly gourmet and fresh produce market at the Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River/Woodstock, open every Saturday from 9am-2pm.

    Earth Fair Market Tokai and St George’s Mall (Tokai and City Bowl)

    This weekly food market is held on Saturdays from 9am-2pm and Wednesdays from 3pm-20.30pm in Tokai and on Thursdays from 11am-3pm at upper St George’s Mall in the city bowl.

    Southern Suburbs

    Tokai Forest Market (Tokai)

    A weekly outdoor food and goods market in Tokai Forest, held every Saturday from 9am-2pm and Sunday 10am-3pm weather-permitting. (May close during the December/January festive period.)

    Deep South

    Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market (Muizenberg)

    A weekly evening food market at Blue Bird Garage in Muizenberg, which is open every Friday from 4pm-10pm.

    Atlantic Seaboard

    Bay Harbour Market (Hout Bay)

    A great weekly indoor food and goods market in Hout Bay. Friday Nite LIVE! from 5pm to 9pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 am to 4 pm.

    Hour Bay Lions Craft Market (Hout Bay)

    This weekly craft market is held on the Hout Bay Common on Sundays from 10am-3pm, weather permitting.

    Cape Point Vineyards Market (Noordhoek)

    This weekly outdoor food market at Cape Point Vineyards in Noordhoek offers the opportunity to sip delicious Cape Point Vineyards wine while enjoying the spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean. In summer, this market is open on Thursdays from 4.30pm-8.30pm and in winter on Sundays from 12pm-3pm.


    Root 44 market (Stellenbosch)

    The Audacia wine farm in Stellenbosch hosts this weekly covered food and goods market, which is open all year on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm.

    Stellenbosch Slow Market (Stellenbosch)

    A weekly fresh goods and gourmet produce market, which is held at Oude Libertas in Stellenbosch on Saturdays from 9am-2pm.

    Blaauwklippen Family Market (Stellenbosch)

    A weekly food and craft market held all year round at the Blaauwklippen Estate near Stellenbosch on Sundays from 10am-3pm with a special Christmas Market in December.

    Franschhoek Village Market (Franschhoek)

    In the culinary heartland, this weekly food and goods market in Franschhoek is open every Saturday morning from 9am till 2 pm.

    On your next visit to Cape Town first make sure you have delightful accommodation in a self-catering apartment in Camps Bay, and then sample the delights on offer at the markets.

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    Cape Town accommodation specials

    Winter is generally seen as the slow season in the Mother City, so it is a great time to find Cape Town accommodation specials. However, it is not the only time when you can save on luxury accommodation.

    Get school holiday savvy

    The South African school holidays usually go hand in hand with peak season rates, so visitors looking for special prices will be well advised to steer clear from these holiday periods.

    Visit schoolterms.co.za to check out when the schools are closed in South Africa so that you can plan your holiday accordingly.

    Who seeks will find

    Search for accommodation specials and you will find them! Some establishments may be experiencing low occupancy and will therefore advertise a special to boost booking figures.

    New accommodation options usually also have launch specials to attract visitors.

    Keep your options open

    You may only be looking at accommodation options for two people, but do look further because some establishments that can accommodate more guests may be more than willing to rent out to two people at a special rate.

    This is where you are likely to save on luxury accommodation. Luxury vacation villas are often let to only two guests, even if they can accommodate more, because business is business: a three-bedroomed villa let to two people is still better than an empty three-bedroomed villa with no guests!

    Book through the professionals

    If you are aware that you are likely to find the best Cape Town accommodation specials by choosing to stay in a luxury vacation rental, it is time to get in touch with a professional letting agency that will have your best interests in mind.

    Letting agencies, like Nox Rentals, have a variety of luxury accommodation options to suit your needs and budget. Let them do the homework for you.

    Contrary to popular belief, booking your holiday via a letting agency is not necessarily more expensive than booking directly with an establishment’s owner. It could actually save you more when booking through an agency, because they have access to industry specials which are passed on to clients.

    Get added value through letting agencies

    Letting agencies such as Nox Rentals offer additional services to make travelling easier for clients. Full concierge services can be made available so that the traveller can access all the services normally offered by hotels.

    Airport transfers and car rental can be arranged and letting agencies can help you book and plan excursions and give advice that will make your holiday a memorable one.

    Clients can even request that their luxury holiday rental’s fridge is stocked and that a caterer comes out to prepare special meals in the vacation rental’s kitchen.

    The services of a good letting agency will never let you down and you will be the first to know of any Cape Town accommodation specials.

    Browse the Nox Rentals specials page for some super Cape Town accommodation specials on luxury apartments & villas.

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    Visiting Cape Town is fun!

    Visiting Cape Town is a lot more fun if you get to experience it like the locals.

    If someone tunes* you ‘Howzit* my bra*’, don’t be surprised. Cape Town has its very own dialect and it simply means you were seen as one of the locals.

    So, as a tourist in Cape Town you may wonder where the locals hang out. Ag man*, relax, there are plenty of great things to do in Cape Town!

    I love my laundry

    Let’s start with a local laundry that doubles up as an eatery. With three branches in the city, I love my laundry offers a great laundry service to visitors who simply don’t feel like doing their own laundry in their luxury vacation rental.

    So, you can mos* take your laundry to them for excellent same day service. While you are there, enjoy the interesting décor, browse to buy locally made greeting cards, trinkets, sweets and eats, grab a coffee and feast on their kiff* dim sum.

    Find them at 59 Buitengracht Street, Heritage Square; 14 Bree Street, Cape Town and 50 Buitenkant Street, East City.

    Braai* like a boer*

    Your luxury vacation villa will have a barbeque area, so here is your chance to do exactly what the locals do: braai.

    Go to the nearest supermarket and buy a pack of boerewors* and lamp chops. Buy a bag of charcoal and firelighters and you’re set.

    Ask the wife to make the slaai* and stick a garlic bread in the oven. You are set for a braai* to remember.

    Jol* with the hipsters

    If it’s time to shake things up, head to The House of Machines. Not only a coffee shop, it also has a must see custom bike shop (La Macchina Speed Shop), a bespoke apparel showroom (Thom), and a bar (Prohibition).

    Basically, it’s a lank* cool spot to be seen. Located at 84 Shortmarket Street.

    Live it up with the laanies*

    If you’re looking for a beach party, don’t be dof*. Go to The Shimmy Beach Club. This nightlife hotspot is situated at the V&A Waterfront and is the Mother City’s very own world-class seaside club that sits right on the water’s edge.

    The club has its own private beach, a large alfresco deck, lounge, champagne bar and a sparkling rim-flow pool. Plus, it is kiddie-friendly during the day.

    Situated at South Arm Road, V&A Waterfront Harbour.

    Gatkruip* in the city

    Eish*! Most locals will deny being gatkruipers*, but with the new Underground City Tours Tunnel, it may just become a must do activity.

    Explore parts of the underground canals and rivers dating back to 1652, which were used to supply the passing ships with fresh water. These tunnels, approximately two metres in diameter, are under the busy streets of Cape Town and now help with storm water drainage and channel fresh run-off water from Table Mountain into the sea.

    Tours are accompanied by a qualified guide and a professional rescue medic and each explorer gets a permit and a hard hat.

    Cape Town Dictionary

    • tunes – tells you or says
    • howzit – greeting used by most, means hello and how are you?
    • bra – or bru, slang for brother
    • ag man – oh man
    • mos – Afrikaans, implies that what has been said is well known or self-evident, obviously
    • kiff – great, wonderful
    • braai – barbeque
    • boer – Afrikaans for farmer
    • boerewors – sausage made from beef, pork and spices, ideal to barbeque
    • slaai – salad
    • jol – to party
    • lank – very, a lot
    • laanies – fancy people
    • dof – stupid or slow to understand
    • gatkruip – literally means crawling in a hole, but can also mean sucking up to someone
    • eish – exclamation form, means the same as golly or oh my
    • gatkruipers – people who suck up to others

    Find your upmarket holiday accommodation through Nox Rentals from where you can immerse yourself into Cape Town life.


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    The 5 most popular Cape Town activities for tourists

    The Western Cape Tourism department reports that nature activities are the most popular attraction for visitors to Cape Town.

    Top 5 overall

    Nature activities are a firm favourite for the whole family and the leading activity with a vote of 23% for participating visitors to Cape Town. Culture and heritage must do’s come in at 17,6%; outdoor activities at 12.1%, gourmet restaurants at 12% and a visit to the city’s prominent beaches at 9.8% of the surveyed tourists.

    Additional activities enjoyed by visitors

    Places to visit that are high on tourists’ lists of attractions also include Cape Town’s finest wine routes, adventure activities, crafts and food markets, sporting events and nightlife.

    Domestic versus international tourists

    The international and domestic tourist market both favoured the top five activities in the given order, indicating that Cape Town’s natural attractions and beauty are thoroughly enjoyed by all visitors.

    When taking a closer look at the activities enjoyed by the respective international markets, nature activities and culture/heritage ranked as the leading activities enjoyed by all markets. However, visitors from Italy mainly explored the city’s gourmet restaurants, reflecting the strongest share of all markets. Outdoor activities, beaches and wine tasting emerged as popular activities, while the adventure seekers were most prevalent amongst visitors from Italy, France and the United States.

    Local family holiday makers from the Western Cape favoured nature activities, cultural experiences, beaches and the gourmet restaurants, while visitors from Gauteng equally enjoyed the nature activities and beaches, followed by a many of them who particularly enjoyed the gourmet restaurants. Eastern Cape visitors predominantly enjoyed the nature and outdoor activities, while KwaZulu-Natal visitors explored the local gourmet restaurants and nature activities.

    The score on Cape Town’s top 5 attractions

    1. National Parks and Nature Reserves

    Of all the places to see, Cape Town’s national parks have been experiencing a strong increase in visitor numbers between January and September 2014. Table Mountain National Park welcomed a total of 1,894,874 visitors between January and September 2014 and grew by 10.3% when compared to the same period of 2013.Equally strong growth in visitors was experienced by Table Mountain National Park: Boulders (6.9%) and Cape of Good Hope (5.9%).

    2. Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

    The total visitors to the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway increased by 20.2% from January and September 2013 to the same period in 2014.

    3. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

    The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens welcomed 599,828 visitors between January and September 2014. This was a 26.7% increase from the 473,527 visitors during the same period in 2013.

    4. Robben Island

    Between January and September 2014, Robben Island recorded a total of 239,693 visitors, reflecting a significant growth of 9.3% year-on-year. Robben Island recorded its peak of visitors during the summer months.

    5. V&A Waterfront

    The V&A Waterfront recorded an impressive foot count of 17,326,145 between January and September 2014 and grew by 5.9% year-on-year. While the V&A Waterfront records its peak of visitors during the summer months, this shopping and entertainment centre holds a strong demand from visitor’s throughout the year.

    Through Nox Rentals you can find the ideal luxury accommodation in upmarket villas and apartments from where you and your kids can enjoy the most popular Cape Town activities.

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    When to visit Cape Town

    Discover the best time of year to visit Cape Town, where to stay, which excursions to do, what the weather will be like and what should be on your sightseeing list.

    Every year on 2 January, during the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, as many as 13 000 colourfully clad minstrels with a variety of instruments sing a song that lists all the months of the year. Each month holds a certain charm and offers something spectacular for tourists to enjoy. Here is what you can look forward to.

    January: some like it hot

    And hot it will be in Cape Town – you will enjoy great beach weather.

    February: quiet summer time

    European visitors come to Cape Town in February for the hot weather without the bother – no sharing the beach with local children because they’re all back at school.

    March: harvest time

    This is a busy month for the South African wine industry. Grapes have sun-ripened and are ready for the picking. Get some sightseeing done while becoming part of this annual ritual – many wineries around Cape Town and the nearby Winelands host harvest festivals to celebrate the bountiful fruit of the vine.

    April: mild and wonderful beach weather

    Cape Town’s notorious South-Easter wind would have subsided and April always offers great school holiday beach weather.

    May: gourmet month in Cape Town

    The Good Food & Wine Show, held annually in Cape Town in May, hails in gourmet season. It is a great month for all things culinary and many restaurants start offering their special winter menus.

    June: first snow on the mountains

    The first cold front usually arrives in Cape Town and the beautiful snow-capped mountains can be seen on crystal clear days from the Mother City. The weather is just perfect for finding a spot next to a roaring open fire with a glass of top quality South African red wine.

    July: arrival of the whales

    Book your whale spotting excursions for July, when the Southern Right whales start appearing along the coastline to calve, mate and display their majestic water acrobatics.

    August: spa-month

    National Women’s Day is celebrated in August and this is the time to find fantastic Spa winter deals in Cape Town.

    September: time to braai

    Spring is sprung, although Cape Town usually still endures winter temperatures. Heritage Day has been dubbed National Braai Day and takes place on 24 September and this is the perfect opportunity to experience what a real South African braai (barbeque) is all about.

    October: the most beautiful month

    The cold weather has finally subsided, there are flowers in the fields and on the mountains and this is a great time for breathtaking outdoor excursions.

    November: shop ’till you drop

    With time tick tacking to Christmas and only a handful of shopping days left, stores and shops buzz with festive season fever.

    December: silly season

    The silly season is fun and party time in Cape Town. The weather is hot and every night majestic Table Mountain is lit up for a festive mood. Don’t miss the festive street lights in Adderley Street and a Christmas Service at St George’s Cathedral in town. Be sure to stay near town for the best New Year’s parties.

    Search Nox Rentals for 5 star holiday accommodation to enjoy the best that Cape Town has to offer every month of the year.

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    Why choose Cape Town South Africa for your next holiday?

    If the question is why choose Cape Town, South Africa, for your next holiday, we have the answers!

    Q: We’re planning our wedding and are looking for a stunning, but affordable, setting. Any ideas?

    A: Cape Town, of course! Especially if you are paying in Pounds, Euros or US/AUS Dollars, you will be hard pressed to find better wedding value than in the fairest Cape.

    Cape Town offers beautiful beaches, the mother of all mountains, stunning venues, fabulous flowers, delectable catering and top notch wines – all at a steal when compared to the cost of hosting a wedding anywhere else in the world.

    Rent luxury apartments and villas for your guests and voila! You have a wedding made in heaven with all the trimmings at a fraction of the cost.

    Q: Is Cape Town a good choice for our honeymoon destination?

    A: Cape Town offers the best that honeymooners can wish for. Enjoy endlessly long summer days, sunset walks on the beach, sundowners on a luxury catamaran – you name it, it is possible in Cape Town.

    Celebrate your romance with the local Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wines (well comparable to French Champagne at a fraction of the cost) and enjoy Cape Town’s top cuisine at a variety of romantic restaurants in beautiful settings.

    Many of the top spas cater specifically for couples, ensuring you and your loved one’s complete wellbeing while you celebrate your love in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    Q: We’re looking for a family holiday with a selection of things for kids to do. Is Cape Town suitable?

    A: Look no further than Cape Town! Beautiful beaches abound, one of which even has a breeding colony of African penguins to behold.

    There are plenty of outdoor space for children to run wild and encounter more wildlife, such as the World of Birds in Hout Bay, Cheetah Outreach near Stellenbosch, Monkey Town near Somerset West, Drakenstein Lion Park in Paarl, a variety of interesting critters at Butterfly World near Stellenbosch and wild baboons on the side of the road near Cape Point.

    Top attractions for kids include theme park Ratanga Junction, the Two Oceans Aquarium, The Cape Wheel and Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, to mention a few.

    You and your children will not get bored in the Mother City. If you stay in a luxury villa, there will also be enough space for your children to play

    Q: What does Cape Town offer as an incentive conference destination for our top staff?

    A: Business mixes happily with pleasure in Cape Town, where a variety of venues can accommodate anything from micro to mega conferences.

    A myriad of team building activities are available in and around Cape Town and conference colleagues can enjoying a good South African braai (barbeque) when sharing luxury holiday villas and apartments with beautiful sea views.

    Q: Can one enjoy physically challenging activities outdoors in Cape Town, South Africa?

    A: Of course! Cape Town is a favourite spot among outdoor enthusiasts and those who are keen to stay fit on their holidays.

    Whether you are a keen mountaineer, paraglider, surfer, kite surfer, SUP-boarder, deep sea diver, hiker, biker, rider or runner, this beautiful city offers it all.

    Browse our selection of luxury apartments and villas for the perfect accommodation from where to enjoy the activities of your choice in Cape Town.

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    Cape Town’s fun things for your family vacation

    Your family vacation rental has been booked. So how will you be spending your time in Cape Town?

    A family holiday is all about creating lasting memories for your children. While your family vacation rental is sure to have gardens and space for your kids to play, Cape Town offers a myriad of activities and sights, within easy reach, that kids love to explore.

    Within 10 minutes (approximately 6km) from Camps Bay: city centre

    Iziko Museum Planetarium

    Various education shows are on offer at the Iziko Museum Planetarium to teach kids about stargazing and the constellations of South African skies. Planetary dome shows take place daily. The planetarium is not open on Workers’ Day, Christmas Day and the first Monday of every month (excluding school holidays).

    Within 15 minutes (approximately 8km) from Camps Bay: V&A Waterfront

    Two Oceans Aquarium

    The Two Oceans Aquarium has more than 3 000 sea animals including fish, sharks, turtles, octopi and birds, to keep children and adults fascinated. It is open every day of the year from 9:30am to 6pm.

    Jolly Roger Pirate Boat

    Don’t miss the Jolly Roger Pirate Boat, which sets sail every day in the late morning, at lunchtime and at sunset and includes a live pirate show from Quay 5 in the V&A Waterfront.

    Cave Golf

    Cave Golf offers a great way to spend a rainy day and offers an interesting course with vertical ramps, sharp corners and obstacles to challenge older children and future golfers. It is open all week from 9am to 5pm.

    Art Jamming

    Colours and canvasses abound at Art Jamming studios, where children can experience “paintertainment”. There is a branch in Green Point (near the V&A Waterfront), which is open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and on Sundays from 2pm until 6pm.

    Within 15 minutes (approximately 12km) from Camps Bay: Hout Bay

    Clay Café

    Unlock your kids’ creativity – here they can paint unfired bisques to take home personal and unique crockery. The Clay Café is open every day from 9am to 5pm.

    World of Birds

    The largest bird park in Africa has more than 3 000 birds and small animals with 400 different bird species and 100 walk-through aviaries. There is also a playground and picnic area right next to the flamingos. The World of Birds is open all year from 9am to 5pm.

    Within 30 minutes (approximately 18km) from Camps Bay: Central Northern Cape Town

    Intaka Island

    Intaka Island is set in the middle of the bustling Century City development. It has 16ha of wetlands, rare and abundant birds and majestic flora. Take a ferry ride; a leisurely stroll along the 2km of footpaths; or join one of the experienced field rangers to lead you along the route. The reserve is open from 7:30am to 5:30 pm during winter (May to September) and from 7:30am to 7pm during summer.

    Ratanga Junction

    This theme park has more than 30 different rides and attractions suitable for children of all ages. Mostly open during school holidays from 10:00am to 5:00pm, so it is advisable to check on their opening times by calling +27 (0)21 550 8504 or visiting the website www.ratanga.co.za.

    The Ice Station at Grand West Casino

    Take the kids to Cape Town’s own indoor ice rink. The Ice Station at Grand West Casino is open daily.

    Within less than an hour (approximately 45 km) from Camps Bay: Simon’s Town

    The Scratch Patch

    Children love selecting their personal pick of shiny gemstones at the Scratch Patch. It is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:45pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9am to 5:30pm.

    Warrior Toy Museum

    This museum is worth a visit for lovers of vintage toys such as model cars, teddy bears, miniature doll houses and two fully functioning railroads. The museum is open every day except Friday from 10am to 3:45pm.

    Boulders Beach

    Boulders Beach forms part of Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area. Visitors can get close to members of a breeding colony of more than 2 000 endangered African Penguins in their natural habitat. The reserve is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm during winter (April to September) and from 8:00am to 6:30pm during summer.

    Visit our accommodation section for more information on luxury family vacation rentals available.

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    Top 10 Cape Town tourist attractions

    Here are the Top 10 Cape Town attractions you shouldn’t miss.

    You will never be left ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’ in Cape Town. This vibey city, also known as the Mother City, has so much to offer.

    1. Explore Table Mountain

    Table Mountain has been voted one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. This imposing mountain provides the backdrop to the history, legends and myths of the Mother City. Whether you choose to ascend with the Table Mountain Cableway or hike up, this experience will leave you in awe.

    2. Spend time at the V&A Waterfront

    The V&A Waterfront offers tourists an all-in-one experience. Here you can shop for the best in local designers wear, jewellery, art and crafts and also a range of international fashion brands. Cinemas and entertainment, including The Cape Wheel, Two Oceans Aquarium and plenty of good restaurants and bars, complement the shopping experience.

    3. Take a ferry to Robben Island

    A ferry takes visitors to and from the Robben Island Museum, where they hop on a bus to see the island and visit the Maximum Security Prison where Nelson Mandela spent some of his 27 years in prison alongside other political prisoners.

    4. Visit the District Six Museum

    The District Six Museum documents the history and memories of more than 60 000 people who were forcibly removed from this area by 1982 as a result of Apartheid.

    5. Drive to the tip of Africa at Cape Point

    Enjoy a scenic drive to Cape Point, the most South-Westerly tip of the African continent. For the most breath-taking views, book lunch at the Two Oceans Restaurant. A funicular railway takes visitors to the top of the point from where it is an easy walk to the lookout point.

    6. Discover the oldest wine area in South Africa

    Constantia is set in a picturesque valley on the eastern side of Table Mountain. This area’s history dates back to 1685 when Governor Simon van der Stel was granted a farm here. He planted orchards and vineyards, thus making Constantia the oldest wine producing region in the Southern Hemisphere.

    7. Enjoy the beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay

    Clifton’s beaches offer sheltered sunbathing. The most popular is Clifton Fourth Beach, which is also the place to meet for sunset picnics. Camps Bay has a beautiful long palm-lined beach strip and is great for family fun, sunbathing, beach volleyball and sunset cocktails

    8. Experience penguins at Boulders Beach

    Boulders Beach forms part of Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area, where visitors can see a breeding colony of more than 2 000 endangered African Penguins in their natural habitat.

    9. Go on a township tour

    Get to know the heart and soul of Cape Town on an eye-opening guided tour of one of Cape Town’s black townships. Most township tours incorporate cultural entertainment and a township restaurant meal.

    10. Party the night away

    If partying is your thing, Cape Town will not disappoint. The main drag along Long Street provides plenty of entertainment for late night revellers while Sea Point and Waterkant Street are also known for their party hotspots.

    To round off your busy days of sightseeing, new experiences and vacation fun, be sure to find accommodation in a luxury holiday apartment or villa.

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    Discover Cape Town’s winter secrets

    Winter in Cape Town is known as the secret season amongst locals, who enjoy luxury spoils at low season prices.

    I love Cape Town

    Contrary to popular belief, June and July are not necessarily dreary and wet in the Mother City. In fact, in between the rainy weather we get some of the most beautiful days of blue sky and mild temperatures.

    An added bonus is that there is no howling South Easter in winter, which often plagues the Cape in summer. Sunny and mild winter weather calls for visitors and locals to enjoy the full benefits of the exciting nature-based adventure tourism and leisure activities which are available in abundance near Table Mountain, which has recently been voted as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

    Whether you choose to hike up Table Mountain or explore the mountain on an abseiling adventure, conquer Lion’s Head or visit Cape Point nature reserve to meet the local troops of baboons, Cape Town will keep you entertained. If mountain biking through Newlands forest or admiring Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens’ spectacular fynbos flora are not on your list, you can set sail on a harbour cruise from the V&A Waterfront to catch a glimpse of a visiting whale or cajoling dolphins. Visit the penguins at Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town and, if you believe “local is lekker*“, perhaps you can even cast a line at Kalk Bay harbour and catch something for the pot. *lekker – South African slang word for cool

    When you tire from your action-packed outdoor vacation activities, it may be time to satisfy your appetite with the best that Cape Town has to offer. The Test Kitchen at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock has just been ranked 28th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants (up from position 48 in 2014), so book early to sample chef Luke Dale Roberts’ world-class cuisine.

    Many top Cape Town restaurants offer really good gourmet winter menus, so take your pick from Umi in Camps Bay, 5Rooms at the Alphen Boutique Hotel in Constantia, Paranga in Camps Bay, Beluga in Green Point, Aubergine in Gardens, Sevruga at the V&A Waterfront, Harbour House in Kalk Bay and Zenzero in Camps Bay, to mention a few. For more options, check Eat Out’s list.

    Cape Town and its winelands offer both great wines and excellent fireplace locations, which in combination is the perfect antidote when the winter chill sets in. Get cosy at Azure Restaurant in Camps Bay, Charcoal Dining in Gardens, trendy Jackal & Hide in Kloof Street, Gardens, Kloof Street House, also in Gardens, La Mouette in Sea Point or pub-style Café Verdi in Wynberg. Check out Cape Town magazine’s list for more options.

    After sampling some of the wines that are slowly nurtured near Cape Town, nothing can be more inviting than a warm bed in a beautiful room somewhere near the sea. It is time to head back to your luxury holiday rental accommodation in Bantry Bay where you can complete a perfect day with a relaxing hot bath followed by well-deserved rest.

    This is the life offered by the beautiful Cape during its secret season. If you promise to keep the secret, you are welcome to share these spoils this winter. Visit our property listings to find upmarket holiday accommodation to suit your needs.

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    Luxury holiday villas vs hotels

    Let’s face it, there is more than one good reason to choose a luxury holiday villa rather than a hotel stay.

    It has a certain ring to it when you tell your friends you stayed in a luxury villa in Camps Bay during your recent holiday in Cape Town. However, that’s not the only reason why it is a good choice to opt for a luxury holiday villa rather than a hotel stay.

    Seasonsfind The Sunset

    Seasonsfind – The Sunset in Camps Bay

    The buck stops here

    Money is a motivator for most and according to the Western Cape Tourism Barometer 2011, vacation rentals in Cape Town are on average 60% less expensive than equivalent hotel accommodation. So not only do you get the privacy and additional facilities offered by a luxury holiday villa, you also get it at a good price. It is also preferred by travellers: a Tripadvisor Survey from June 2011 stated that 87% of travellers indicated they would book a holiday rental over a hotel if it were less expensive.

    What’s the flavour of the day?

    Tripadvisor’s Annual Vacation Rentals Survey indicates that 36% of travellers stay in a holiday rental for a milestone event. Cape Town Tourism statistics reveal that the self-catering occupancy rates have increased by 5,8% for the month of March 2015 when compared to March 2014. So it seems that luxury holiday villas are gaining in popularity as an accommodation choice for visitors to Cape Town.

    Rooms for all

    One of the best reasons to choose a luxury holiday villa, is because it is like a luxury home away from home. Kids don’t have to camp out in their parents’ hotel room because a villa offers enough rooms for everyone. In many cases, bedrooms are en suite so no sharing of bathrooms is required. Apart from comfortable bedrooms, most luxury villas offer spacious lounge, dining and television areas where guests can relax in privacy. This also makes it suited to receiving guests in the privacy of your own villa.

    More reasons at play

    If you need more reasons to choose a luxury holiday villa rather than a hotel stay, consider these… A luxury villa offers a private kitchen, so you can shop like a local and prepare your own meals, if you are so inclined. You don’t have to pay a premium for room service and you can stock the fridge with your favourite drinks and treats at locals prices. Your villa will probably offer a private braai (barbeque) area, where you can make a fire and cook your meal like the locals do.

    Villa Central

    Villa Central in Camps Bay

    You can launder your own clothes and have space to hang out wet bathing suits and towels without cluttering up your bathroom after enjoying a dip in your villa’s private pool.

    Your villa is serviced, like a hotel room, so you still don’t have to make your bed. A cleaner will come in daily to take care of the dishes, clean and tidy up. You will have a private parking area with easy access to your holiday villa. You will have all of this and more, plus you can still make use of the concierge service if you need anything else at all.

    Staying in a luxury holiday villa provides a shortcut to the best of both worlds in holiday-making. Explore the luxury holiday villas available through Nox Rentals to see where your next holiday could take you!

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